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(Page author) credit string shows realname, even if $wgAllowRealName is false (disabled)
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$wgAllowRealName = false;
$wgMaxCredits = 1;

Credits on page bottoms are given to RealName even in the case, that RealName is globally
OFF. In such cases, credits should show _username(s)_ instead. Irrespective of field
RealName being empty or not, it should follow the setting of $wgAllowRealName.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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The problem is somewhere in Credits.php, where also some code cosmetics should
take place.

My observations - how to reproduce the problem:

0. have wgMaxCredits = 0

  1. start with $wgAllowRealName = true and set a user name but no real name yet
  2. set wgMaxCredits = 1
  3. watch the attribution credits line how it changes from username to realname -

when you enter a real name in user-prefs (=ok)

  1. NOW set $wgAllowRealName = false
  2. NOW watch the attribution credits line: it keeps on showing the _real_name_

regardless of any further changes of $wgAllowRealName. This isn't a cache problem.

It looks, as if a bug is lurking in Credits.php.

Please can someone explain, how the contribution line should look like if real
name _and_ user name are available w.r.t. to the setting of $wgAllowRealName . I
expect, that the username is shown, if $wgAllowRealName is false, btu the
software works differently: it prefers to show real name, if this is present in
the database.

An explanation of the wanted behaviour and a correction (bug fix) is kindly

robchur wrote:

(sigh) Please mark fixed bugs as such.