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Wiki Loves Monuments blog needs to use responsive design
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The Wiki Loves Monuments international blog needs to be responsive.

This is especially important as we're going to be using the mobile Commons application (with our own campaigns)[1] this year, instead of a WLM-specific app — with the ever-rising importance of mobile traffic, it doesn't make any sense to direct people to a website that cannot be viewed on their devices.

Until now, we've been using the WPTouch Wordpress plugin to serve static content to mobile users, which provides a totally different experience than the 'normal', 'desktop' version of the website. This needs to change.

Possible solutions:
#1: Rewrite the existing theme;
#2: Use an existing responsive theme, and adopt it to our purposes;
#3: Create a brand new theme from scratch.

Further reading:

What we offer:

  • Public appreciation on the new blog, mailing list, IRC and Twitter;
  • [Unconfirmed] A packet of stroopwafels!

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Forgotten reference:

  • [1] The workflow of the future app is currently a big mystery to me. For example, I cannot imagine a way to pass arguments from within our Wikipedia lists to the mobile application for use in the upload campaigns — so mobile images are probably not going to have any IDs at all. This would be very unfortunate, tough to keep track of[2] and would add additional work for the community.
  • [2] One possibility is to use mobile-specific upload campaigns that would add special categories, and to have them reviewed by community members or a bot that would suggest IDs using GPS data/description/whatever.

This has been fixed ages ago by Mono.