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URLs that include punctuation characters are mangled by email clients
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I received the email notification below that I was mentioned on an article talk page. However, that link doesn't take me to the talk page section, as I expected, and leaves me at the top of the talk page, making it hard to find where exactly my name was mentioned.

If at all possible, it might be great if it could take me directly to the specific comment where my name was cited, perhaps by adding some form of anchor?

At the very least, let's try to make the section link work.

This is the email message I received:

' Wikipedia user Ignatzmice mentioned you on Wikipedia talk:Notifications.

/* User mentions have potential... */ pinging newbies

View more: '

However, the three dots at the end were not included in the email link, which only had this highlighted in blue:

This is the link where I expected to go:

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The fix we implemented ended up breaking other URLs in very obscure cases on certain email clients. Still needs some work.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I101fe3c1c3dbf913982b9040885b2acc633e711a) (Gerrit Change I101fe3c1c3dbf913982b9040885b2acc633e711a) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]