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Add footer to properties
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Would be very nice to be able to add a footer to a Wikibase property. Special:statistics already has this option. If you edit , it will show up at . At the moment we're (ab)using because it's in use on every property. A new empty message should be added. This message should be added to every Wikidata property.

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Ok, fixed. Will probably be live somewhere next week.

Verified in Wikidata demo sprint 22-6

Is this actually needed? On, it only transcludes Property_talk:PXX/footer if present. There are only two of these pages according to search: One empty, one test stuff.


@Multichill Can you clarify what you wanted to use it for?

I implemented this some time ago, but didn't actually communicate it that much. Maybe now is a good moment to finally do that. I see some chatter in the village pump about improving the template documentation.