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Tables produced by German template "Klimatabelle" not rendered correctly in PDF
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The tables produced by German template "Klimatabelle" (see are not rendered correctly.

On PDF export the bar graphs are missing most information (see for a screenshot).

On ODF export the tables are not correctly rendered at all.

I couldn't test other output formats since I'm missing a suitable reader for these.

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mr.heat wrote:

This template was one of the few in the German Wikipedia with a print sub-template that actually fixed that error, see Unfortunately the complete feature set including the exclude from print category and the print sub-templates was silently dropped from the extension without providing an alternative, see bug #48052 and bug #45861.

However, from what I know the developers of the Collection extension don't read this. They don't have accounts here (or lost their passwords or whatever). Try to email them.

volker.haas wrote:

My colleagues and I who are responsible for the Collection extension actually read this, and we have accounts.

TMg, you are correct that the print templates are no longer working. Support for print templates had to be dropped in order to support lua templating (which was requested in a ticket by the community/wikimedia devs).

The proposed workaround for the missing print template functionality can be found in the following ticket:

mr.heat wrote:

(In reply to comment #2)

proposed workaround for the missing print template functionality

I don't think this will happen for the reasons described in bug #50750.

  • Maybe you need to introduce <noprint>...</noprint> and <onlyprint>...</onlyprint> parser tags. Not sure if this is a good idea. Talk to Raimond Spekking please.
  • Maybe it would be a good idea to improve your CSS parser. Most current errors in the PDF export have something to do with CSS positioning ("position:absolute" inside a container with "position:relative"). This would fix a lot of errors in a lot of templates. Especially in all map templates.
  • A lot more problems can be fixed by introducing a feature to exclude certain web links from print. For example: <span class="noprintlinks">{{Coordinate|...}}</span> (I'm sure there is a better class name for this feature, e.g. "dontprintexternallinks" or simply exclude all toollabs and toolserver links from print). This would be extremely helpful in lists and tables with hundreds of coordinates. They link to the Geohack tool which is completely useless in print. Nobody types the long tool URLs. It's a lot easier to type the coordinates.

This are just a few simple suggestions. We need you to make this a reality. Pointing to a proposed workaround that was already rejected and would not fix the problems anyway does not help.

I suspect this accounts for issues with infoboxes on enwiki since they render as tables.
The infobox does not render at all in PDF.

(In reply to Gadget850 from comment #5)

I suspect this accounts for issues with infoboxes on enwiki since they
render as tables.
The infobox does not render at all in PDF.

As I said in comment 4, all tables are excluded from the new PDF, so this bug doesn't currently apply to Wikimedia projects.

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This is fixed on Wikimedia servers nowadays:
Going to , selecting "Download as PDF"/"Als PDF herunterladen", and scrolling to the "Klimatabelle" it is rendered correctly nowadays. This is related to removing OCG-PDFRenderer/OfflineContentGenerator and replacing it with Proton and Electron-PDFs as the new PDF rendering stack on Wikimedia servers.

Declining this task as it was filed in the days of the OfflineContentGenerator backend (where this bug came from, not from Collection itself as the frontend) which has been dead for years and has been superseded by Proton and Electron-PDFs on Wikimedia servers.