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Incorrect sortkey for number category keys (1 E2 m)
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Author: suruena

The new category keys assigned to the articles of [[w:Category:Orders of
magnitude (lenght)]] do not work properly because they are shown (in the
category page) in an wrong order. As was being discussed in
[[w:Talk:1_E2_m#Category key]], the intent was to divide the articles in two
groups: the negative powers and the positive powers (the category key starts
with "-" and "+" respectively), and inside both groups the power is written
using to figures (+00, +01, ..., +09, +10, ...).

But, at shown in the page of the category, the articles of positive powers the
"+" character of the category key is ignored, being ordered as the characters
"0", "1" and "2".

The articles of negative powers are sorted in the "-" character, but are not
ordered properly: the "-01" key is not before "-02" but between "-09" and "-10"

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: normal



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gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

[[w:Talk:1_E2_m#Category key]]

should read as

[[Talk:1_E2_m#Category key]]

The actual url is for
[[Talk:1 E+2 m#Category_key]]
should translate to