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Show debug output in toolbar
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Author: physik

show debug output in toolbar

I'd prefer if the debug output written with the function wfDebugLog would be printed to the debug toolbar. Actually only the wfDebug function is written to the debug toolbar output.
If someone has the same feeling use the attached patch.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement




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Comment on attachment 12422
show debug output in toolbar


We should make sure this doesn't cause security issues (if private info uses this log path).

Never mind, Krenair noted that wgDebugToolbar already must be false in production.

Component Logging is about Special:Log, not debug logging. Changed to general
for the moment, no idea for a better component

Hi! Thanks for your patch!

You are welcome to use Developer access

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Thanks again! We appreciate your contribution.

p.selitskas wrote:

Patch submitted to Gerrit: Ib979df08 (Gerrit Change Ib979df080332e16c8e0e6a89eab8741986ab39c3) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]