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semanticforms JS error when I [Edit with form] my user page
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Quoting spage:

Hi, when I go to my user page and click [Edit with form] my user page, my Firefox 20 console shows a JavaScript error

TypeError: setting a property that has only a getter
newBtnElement[] = attribute.value;

adding &debug=1 to the URL shows it's coming from line 198 of

I do get a form with a nifty Google Mapsgadget to set my location, but I think due to this JS error other code stops working, so e.g. [Show preview] doesn't work

Chromium doesn't report this error, but it reports 'SecurityError: DOM Exception 18' and Invalid 'X-Frame-Options' errors.

Version: master
Severity: normal



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Should be fixed in I06adc26aba1580aba4066b0a0c41f17d8342fd80

Please try out the latest SF development version and see if it works.
If not please re-open the bug.