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Enable Bugzilla Charts on Mediazilla
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Author: mediawiki

I noticed that Mediazilla is running on Bugzilla 2.18 which has a much improved
graphical reporting subsystem.

However, it seems that a conscious decision was taken by the Mediazilla
maintainers to disable this feature.

It would be nice if you can re-enable it to give us bug reporters a better
"picture" of the bugs and where they stand :)

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Platform: PC



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If they're not on, they're presumably off by default. Can you list the configuration
options or dependencies required?

You need the graphwiz package wich provide 'dot'.

Then set bugzilla config parameter 'webdotbase' to dot
which is probably /usr/bin/dot . Seems the parameter in use
actually is an AT&T URL.

The above is from

mediawiki wrote:

Checkout and install
the optional Perl Modules to support Bug Charting.

Also, once the optional modules are in place, be sure to update crontab per so Bugzilla collects
stats to support the "change over time" graphs.

After doing so, run

If the reports are still not being displayed, go to the
template/en/custom/reports directory and compare the menu.html.tmpl to the
corresponding file in the template/en/default/reports directory.

Bugzilla now has a templating system and hopefully, the custom skin for
Mediazilla was done by changing the templates in the custom directory.

Hope this does the trick. :)