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Bad german translation "Löschte Eigenschaft" and "Löschte Datenobjekt"
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Author: pyfisch

If deleted items are used in items there is a message "(Deleted item)" in English, the German translation is at the moment "(Löschte Datenobjekt)" a better translation is "(Gelöschtes Datenobjekt)". Same thing for properties: English "(Deleted property)", German "(Löschte Eigenschaft)", should be "(Gelöschte Eigenschaft)".

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changed the message today not knowing about this bug to "gelöschte" (...Eigenschaft / Wikibase-entity-property)

don't know how to deal with "gelöschtes" as switching in l10n-code based on a localized string on the parameter $1 sounds not so nice, if it's even possible.

I think the easiest and cleanest thing is to create 2 separate messages for Wikibase-entity-item and Wikibase-entity-property (as documented in )

just changed message to "Gelöschte(s) $1" as workaround

pyfisch wrote:

Not really nice in my oppinion. I would prefer to use two different messages.

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