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Tooltips set in Monobook.js have no effect on the Korean Wiktionary
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Author: beesley

Tooltips set in have no
effect on the Korean Wiktionary. If I set my preferences to English, it works ok
and I see the default English tooltips. If I change my preferences to Korean, or
view the site logged out, I get no tooltips at all.

This diff -

  • shows the page is a translation from a working version on the English Wikipedia.

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Severity: normal



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Error: missing ) after argument list
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Line: 42, Column: 32
Source Code:
ta['feed-rss'] = new Array('',''이 페이지의 아톰 피드(Atom-Feed)');

Be careful about syntax errors, wih Firefox you can see them in JavaScript
console, if it's included.