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< references /> duplicates itself if text after block
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Will email James to verify, assuming this is a Parsoid bug but please feel free to move if not.

It appears that if there is text after a <references /> block (such as <references />stuff the entire thing will duplicate to <references />stuff <references />stuff

This appears to keep escalating. You can see one strong example on [[Chai_with_Lakshmi]] first at and then getting worse later on (he stopped using VE for a while) and for the next 3 edits you can page through.

You can also see an example on my test page

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Minimal test case:


<references />stuff

Interestingly the heading is needed, a preceding paragraph won't trigger it. The DOM diff looks clean at first sight, so this does indeed seem to be a Parsoid bug.

Related URL: (Gerrit Change I073b2e68667d577c75cad07d19cea2b19d0e89fe) (Gerrit Change I073b2e68667d577c75cad07d19cea2b19d0e89fe) | change APPROVED and MERGED [by jenkins-bot]

Please reopen if this shows up again.