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Change interwiki link for Moldovan Wikipedia
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Author: rowikipedia

The interwiki link for the Moldovan Wikipedia should be changed to:

молдовеняскэ (чириликэ)

This is because it is a part of the Ronline Proposal that was approved by the
majority of users for the future of the Moldovan Wikipedia - please see

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rowikipedia wrote:

By the way, (чириликэ) means (chirilică) or Cyrillic. I'm saying this because
some users have raised doubts over what it means and think it means something to
do with Moldovan not being a language. It doesn't - it's just specifying script.

Given the actual name for mo: is actually using cyrilic (Молдовеняскэ)
I am not sure it makes any sens to append (cyrilic).

rowikipedia wrote:

It does make sense because if we don't include the Cyrillic, people will think
that Moldovan is written in Cyrillic, when in fact the official and majority
script of this language is Latin script. However, there is no Latin script
Moldovan Wikipedia because of the fact that the language is identical to
Romanian, which has the Romanian Wikipedia (Romanian, of course, is always
written in Latin script). Some users wanted to form a Moldovan Wikipedia in
Cyrillic, which is OK, but it must be specified that we're reffering to it.
Additionally, you have to understand that the status of the Moldovan Cyrillic
Wikipedia was endangered a few months ago and a vote was called on my compromise
proposal to enable it to stay. A key element of this proposal was changing the
interwiki descriptor to молдовеняскэ (чириликэ). I believe it would go against
the fair vote and public opinion simply to discount that change and therefore
suggest that the vote was unimportant.

node.ue wrote:

As Caroline noted on Wikipedia-l, it certainly wasn't a "fair
vote". Most of the people who voted were Romanians. Not that
Romanians shouldn't be allowed to vote, but rather that the
majority of votes should be more diverse.

Anyhow, Ashar is right.

mo.wp already closed/read only.