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Total number of Wikipedia articles on details (but not summary) table is ca. 11 million too high
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The "List of Wikipedias" at currently gives the "Grand Total" of articles on all Wikipedias as 38 571 517, which is about 11 million too high. Instead, it should be the sum of the numbers in the "Good" column, currently 27460406.

See also: (as mentioned there, the bug first seems to have occurred around April 13)

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Another example of a publication where this error has already propagated: ("Wikipedia, the collection of 37 million articles that anyone can edit")

See also , which gives 26.7 M as the official article count for May 2013.

PS: On the index page , the total article number seems to be correct: 28946350 currently, compared to the still wrong "Grand total" of 40 057 461 on .