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Hebrew Wikisource Project Namespace
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Author: dovijacobs

Please change the Project Namespace and name of the website from:




Note: Everything is has been all ready for this change for months. All project
pages are currently in the "Wikisource" project namespace and there is nothing
currently in the proper namespace.

Please do not use the Hebrew word for "Wikipedia" (which already happened
once). The word as typed above in Hebrew is the one for Wikisource.

Note: This has been reported in the past and seems to be rather simple to do, it
just has to be brought to the attention of someone who can fix it. Whoever does,

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Severity: normal



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Please confirm that any name or spelling other than 'Wikisource' for the site has
first been cleared with the Wikimedia board. (They'll probably say yes.)

dovijacobs wrote:

Any news on this?

Other languages are facing the same small technical problem as well:

The best thing would be if the contributors gave this information to the
developer along with the request to set up the wiki. That is what we tried to do
at the "Language Requests Page" on Wikisource.