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Allow 'naming' of a single revision to add a subtitle / annotate
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Individual historical revisions often have significance: as the outcome of a compromise, the version of an article that became a Featured Article, one of two options in a significant format switch.

It is often useful to link back to those historical revisions. It would be even more useful to have a short description of what the revision is. When you aren't looking at a diff, the edit summary isn't evident. And often the edit summary isn't directly about that revision but part of a running commentary throughout the history flow.

An additional field in the revisions table for a subtitle(?), that would show up under the title - perhaps in a different color - would address this. But any way to make a title or brief description visible at the top of the screen would be excellent, and would make the strengths of permanent revisions even more useful.

Version: 1.22.0
Severity: enhancement
See Also: T183061: Feature Request: Add a tag to imported revisions to easily identify them in edit history



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This sounds like a use-case for bug 18670 :)

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That sounds like this functionality is pretty much covered by MediaWiki-Change-tagging nowadays?

@Sj: Is your request covered by change tagging, or is additional functionality needed?

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