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the picture are not locate on the same server where all the php are uploaded
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Author: MichaelMellinger

i want upload my picture on this server for storage.
but my wiki is locate on this free hoster:

in wich php (localsettings.php per example) have i to change the settings?

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OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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(Not a bug, resolving INVALID.)

Set $wgUploadPath to include a full URL with hostname to use a different
hostname for images. Note that this still requires local filesystem access.

MichaelMellinger wrote:

if i do this the wiki-software will create the following url:
it doesent match.

You can also set $wgAllowExternalImages = true;
and use the full url of the images to link to them. You cannot upload images to
the other domain via mediawiki then, though, you would have to do it via FTP or
some such. Also, this would allow users to include images from *anywhere*.