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Allpages and Prefixindex both use message 'allpagesfrom'
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Author: hheitkoetter

Special:Allpages and Special:Prefixindex both use MediaWiki-Message
'allpagesfrom' (default: "Display pages starting at:") for labelling the input
field 'nsfrom'. As these specialpages perform different search queries, the
input in this field has a different meaning in each case: Allpages lists all
pages with a title >= $from, while Prefixindex narrows the result on pages
*beginning* with $from (LIKE $from%).
Therefore they should use different MediaWiki messages, so that the difference
becomes obvious for the user.

Patch follows.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: minor



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hheitkoetter wrote:

Introducing 'allpagesprefix'

This patch provides the described behaviour. Both classes SpecialAllpages and
SpecialPrefixindex get a class variable $nsfromMsg determing the
MediaWiki-message to use, used by namespaceForm(). Allpages uses
'allpagesfrom', Prefixindex the new 'allpagesprefix' (In Language.php, already
translated for German).
The change requires a rebuildMessages.php --update because of the new message.

attachment Prefixindex.patch ignored as obsolete

avarab wrote:

Please submit a unified diff, see for details
on how to do that.

hheitkoetter wrote:

Unified Patch