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mw1153 often returns 500 errors generating thumbnails
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When viewing Special:newfiles on commons, lots of thumbs don't render. Looking at the requests, the affected files all have same error message:

<html><head><title>Error generating thumbnail</title></head>
<h1>Error generating thumbnail</h1>
Error creating thumbnail:
<!-- -->
<!-- mw1153 -->


When visiting the url a second time, the file renders (and is cached). I would guess the request is being routed to a different backend server, and there's just something wrong with mw1153.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Needs Triage.Nov 22 2014, 2:07 AM
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confirmed, happened to me a number of times and the 2 times I actually got a backend listed (rather than empty body because I guess it didn't like my Accept header) it was mw1153

mw1153 should be fixed since sometime before 04:00 UTC.

If anyone's still seeing image scaling (thumbnailing) issues please reopen.