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Move user and user talk pages when renaming
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When users are renamed by the admins using the RenameUser extension, there could
be an option for moving the user pages, i.e. if I'm user:foo and I want to be
user:bar, it would be nice if my user and user talk pages are moved when the
admin renames me. I imagine this strictly optional:

  • Without user pages being moved - user wants to be obsure and "change the


  • With user pages being moved - user wants a new name that he likes better, but

he would also like his pages to be moved.

Now, one may protest that he can easily move his pages on his own, but why not
do this automatically, on the user request. Besides, the page histories would be

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anaconda wrote:

Seems a good idea, now bureaucrats do it manually almost in all wikis. Maybe two checkboxes: "move user/talk page" and "move also subpages".

ayg wrote:

Proposed patch


ayg wrote:

Added in r18649. Moves all subpages as well as just user/user talk.