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Add a delivery API module to the MassMessage extension
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In order to support bots such as the English Wikipedia's [[User:LivingBot]], MassMessage should have an API module to submit deliveries.

One question off the top of my head is how to handle validation checks. That is, whether to trust the sender to write sane HTML or to throw a warning or an error (e.g., with invalid HTML input). Same with an invalid input list or... however else someone can fuck up a delivery. ;-) This'll need some thought.

Let's keep this bug contained to the delivery module. I'll file (and cross-reference) a separate bug for a job status module.

Neither of these bugs should be considered blockers to deployment, as far as I'm concerned.

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Change 87311 had a related patch set uploaded by Legoktm:
Add API module to send MassMessages

The current patch only throws errors on actual errors (non-existing spamlist, missing parameter).

I'm thinking we could do this like how action=upload works (, where by default you return warnings and don't do the action, but the user can supply an &ignorewarnings=1 which just suppresses them.

Change 87311 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add API module to send MassMessages