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TimedText's background clashes with the text
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Currently TimedText sometimes uses a bigger font-size but not a bigger
line-height. This sometimes causes TimedText's background to clash with
the text resulting in horizontally cut-off texts.

Patch follows immediately.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal



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Change 87284 had a related patch set uploaded by Rillke:
Prevent background overflowing TimeText

Created attachment 13427
Screenshot showing the issue: TMH at Wikimedia Commons


Created attachment 13428
Screenshot showing how it will look like after applying this patch at Wikimedia Commons (script injected through Fiddler2)


For the sake of completeness, here is how to reproduce:

So if you don't want patches or bug reports tell it right away.

Change 87284 merged by Mdale:
Prevent background overflowing TimeText

mdale wrote:

Thanks reviewed and merged.

Also patched up-stream.

Apologies for the delay, and thanks again :)

(In reply to comment #6)

Thanks reviewed and merged.

Closing as RESOLVED FIXED. Fix will be deployed on Wikimedia servers as per

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