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#time: should not "guess" incomplete dates
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Author: krabina

Dealing with incomplete dates, the function "guesses" the rest of the date, which it should not do:

{{#time:j|April 2013}} returns the same result as {{#time:j|1 April}}. Both are 1 but in case of April 2013 it is an assumption. Depending what users are doing with the result things could take a wrong turn on there wiki's. The desired result should be something that can not be a day, like 0 so users can "catch" it.

As the behaviour might be dealt with in several wikis, I suggest to include a settings parameter, where users can swith the guessing on or off. So users who need the guessing can still activate it (or on the other hand users who need a correct handling of incomplete dates can deactivate it).

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
Whiteboard: gci2014