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Chrome: In edit view, RTL wikis have bug with tab and brackets
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tab+brakets bug in RTL wikis

In RTL In edit view when tab character is before brackets. mediawiki hidden the brackets.
see the attached image also this links

[[ب]] doesn't show correctly

but if you switch the text direction to LTR it will be correct!

Version: 1.23.0
Severity: normal




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Yamaha5 created this task.Nov 8 2013, 3:39 PM

it happens in chrome
in firefox it is ok!

nzmoihue wrote:

It is not related to Wikimedia or MediaWiki software.
data:text/html;charset=UTF-8,<div><textarea>&#x09;t</textarea><br /><textarea>&#x09;%DB%8C</textarea></div><div dir="rtl"><textarea>&#x09;t</textarea><br /><textarea style="outline-color: red; outline-style: solid;">&#x09;%DB%8C</textarea></div>
I am moving the bug to Chrome bug tracker