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No log when sysops create accounts
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When a wiki is protected by "$wgGroupPermissions['*']['createaccount'] =
false;", only admins and bureaucrats can create accounts and when they do that,
the log doesn't list them neither in its own page (Special:Log/newusers), nor in
Recent Changes.

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avarab wrote:

Works for me in REL1_5 and HEAD both when I create an account normally and for
someone else.

I did it again on another wiki, but it was ok. Weird. Anyway, closing this.

I just did some research: the log lists the creation if the sysop does it
normally, but if the sysop creates an account using "send via mail" feature, the
log doesn't respond. Was this done on purpose? I think that the log should list
the new user creations regardless on the means of the creation.

gangleri wrote:

*** Bug 4047 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

gangleri wrote:

added because bug was reopened

beesley wrote:

The lack of a log for account creation when using the "by email" feature happens
for non-sysops as well. I just made a new account for myself on st.wiktionary
and then made an account for someone else since they were unable to view the
captcha, and the second account I made, using Special:Userlogin while logged in,
was not logged, even though I'm not an admin there.

Newuserlog is a bit borked up; I'm fixing it.

The hook point for it in Special:Userlogin wasn't being called
for the 'by mail' path, but is also missing information on the
user name to record.