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php error on SpecialUndelete.php
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I have already reported a similary bug #[[4167]], this time it was on
Spesial:Undelete, where I have no right (I was an IP), and I received the PHP error
Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /usr/local/apache/common-local/php-1.5/
includes/SpecialUndelete.php on line 352
Brion Vibber said the bug 4167 was 'A failure case in the patch for bug 153' perhaps it is the same

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: critical



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robchur wrote:

Confirmed as still being a problem.

Under what circumstances is this triggered? If I just go to the page nothing untoward happens.

robchur wrote:

Doesn't seem to be a problem for me any more. Caught out by a caching error when
I tried to reproduce a second ago - perhaps that's the issue here?