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Add option to Special:UncategorizedPages to ignore hidden categories
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this is an enhancement request, but without this enhancement, Special:UncategorizedPages is barely usable.

Explain: the logical reason to have Special:UncategorizedPages in the first place is to allow editors to easily find these pages and add categories to them.

[ short essay about "practical vs. formal, and why practical is more important"
strictly speaking, this special page should contain uncategorized redirects also. it does not, which is a good thing: most wikis do not want to see redirects categorized (it's technically possible to ctegorize redirects, and surely someone somewhere does it...). this fact highlights the utility of this special page: it really means "please find for me all the pages that need to be categorized" rather than the formal and more precise but less useful "please find pages in namespace 0 with no category" (the latter would include redirects also - formally more correct, practically less useful).
end of essay ]

not allowing an option to ignore hidden categories makes this special page <almost> useless for any wiki that uses hidden cats: pages with only hidden categories are _practically_ (though not formally) uncategorized, but there is no way to list them.

note that the requested enhancement is not to change the default behavior, but rather to add an "ignore hidden cats" option on this special page, just like the "hide redirects" option on Special:AllPages

i understand that this list is cached, so adding this enhancement would increase the resources.
it would be *almost* as useful to keep only one list, and control whether or not it includes pages with only hidden cats, through some configuration variable in LocalSettings.php.


Version: 1.23.0
Severity: enhancement
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This bug is an exact dupe of bug 28145, possibly explained in a better English.

Option to ignore hidden categories = Option to include pages with only hidden categories

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