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Flow: browser test checks for post "1 second ago" but the test can display "3 seconds ago"
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flow_anon's "Add new Flow topic" wait_until 20 seconds to check

page.text.include? "1 second ago" or page.text.include? "just now"

But computers can be slow; failed because the new topic showed "3 seconds ago". Besides, the same test page can be simultaneously hit by other browsers, so some topic appearing recently doesn't test successful addition of this topic.

The test should instead look for a topic titlebar (css: '.flow-topic-container .flow-titlebar' ) with a h2 matching the random number it just inserted, and within the titlebar it should accept '.flow-datestamp .flow-ago' containing "seconds ago" as well as "1 second ago" or "just now".

Version: master
Severity: minor



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Change 120189 had a related patch set uploaded by Spage:
Handle "N seconds ago" instead of dying

Change 120189 merged by jenkins-bot:
Handle "N seconds ago" instead of dying

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