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Solving CGI path_info bad behaviour
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Author: ybarthelemy

I investigated PHP_INFO bug with binary CGI. Here are the test case used to patch the code.

I hava installed wiki on the cgi server and modified LocalSettings.php to have URL in pretty format, and set $wgUsePathInfo to
true to bypass the CGI check in DefaultSettings.php.

Provided URL : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/
Expected : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/Home
Result : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/mediawiki_dir/index.php

Provided URL : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php
Expected : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/Home
Result : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/mediawiki_dir/index.php

Provided URL : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/
Expected : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/Home
Result : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/Home (working)

Provided URL : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/XXX
Expected : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/XXX
Result : http://wiki-server/mediawiki_dir/index.php/XXX (working)

I solved it.

I will provide a patch for that as soon I know how to write patch. If needed, I will also prvide a patch to change default
installation settings for CGI.

Version: 1.5.x
Severity: enhancement
OS: Mac OS X 10.0



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robchur wrote:

(In reply to comment #0)

Can we confirm that's the case on all installations using all CGIs? Otherwise,
your patch is going to break a lot more than it solves, for a lot more

It appears that a dirty workaround may be needed. What is the value of
php_sapi_name() on your configuration? (Special:Version - should be in
parentheses after the PHP version)

ybarthelemy wrote:

I can't confirm this is the case on all CGI installation, this need to be investigated but I don't know how to to this kind of
work. At this time, I can only consider the problem solved for me.

php_sapi_name() returns 'cgi' on my host.

The workaround applies on WebRequest.php and compares parts of REQUEST_URI and PATH_INFO.

Here is my modified WebRequest(), if you see anything which might break on some configuration, please let me know…

function WebRequest() {
global $wgUsePathInfo;

  1. Correct a bug with binary CGI installations of PHP

if ( !(strpos( php_sapi_name(), 'cgi' ) === false) && $wgUsePathInfo ) {

		$exp_request = explode('?', $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
		if (substr($exp_request[0], -1) == "/") {
			$dir_request = substr($exp_request[0], 0, -1);
		} else {
			$dir_request = dirname($exp_request[0]);

		if (dirname($_SERVER['PATH_INFO']) == $dir_request) {
			# Path info has been defined to the script path...


if( isset( $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] ) && ($_SERVER['PATH_INFO'] != '') && $wgUsePathInfo ) {

  1. Stuff it!
		$_GET['title'] = $_REQUEST['title'] =
			substr( $_SERVER['PATH_INFO'], 1 );


ybarthelemy wrote:

I have investigated the phpinfo I found on the Web using CGI :

There are some case where my method will allow pretty URL to work. There are many most cases where this should work,
and my code will simply be useless. And there are some cases where this won't work since '/' is simply not supported by
the server.

However, there are some cases where PATH_INFO don't work properly but ORIG_PATH_INFO works (especially in some
installations of 5.0.4-cgi, but not all). It needs more investigation to find a way to decide whether to use it.

In every cases I saw, my code don't break anything.

I think we can use that code, and modify config/index.php to add a comment in LocalSettings.php specific for cgi, fast-
cgi explaining how to add support for pretty URLs.

I think, I will send patches today or tomorrow...

Kind of hoping that title interpolation changes in 1.10/1.11 fix this, but it's hard to tell without a broken system to test. :)

Resolving WORKSFORME; reopen with details if problems continue.