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CirrusSearch: No enabled connection error
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I'm seeing these in the log:
2014-07-07 14:05:42 mw1015 commonswiki: Update for doc ids: 15731483; error message was: No enabled connection

I don't imagine we're actually out of connections - probably just hitting some other http error and eating it. We should not eat it.

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demon added a comment.Jul 7 2014, 6:55 PM

This should only happen after we've tried getMaxConnectionAttempts() times. We never call getConnection() directly, so it should be handled by our callback.

Getting a full stacktrace out of this would help.

Yeah. I've seen this in a maintenance script when I tried to bulk insert too much data. I _think_ it has something to do with commands being too too too big getting interpreted as a retry-able http error. We actually have logic to resubmit the command as singletons but I think we don't get to use it because we've marked all the connections as busted due to the error. Might try to reproduce with stupid huge page.

Change 156803 had a related patch set uploaded by Manybubbles:
Increase timeout on updates
as well.

Its not stupid huge pages. Its massive influxes of updates all at once, I believe.

Anyway, these commits should make it more stable as well as give us more information when it fails.

Change 156803 merged by jenkins-bot:
Increase timeout on updates