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Wamted a function to make a query in an LDAP
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Author: romain.pelissier

I am not a programmer in PHP at all and a very biginner in MediaWiki. I am
wondering if someone, maybe wiki develloppers has already thinking about
creating a function to query some informations into a LDAP infrastructure.
For exemple, we use a windows 2003 active directory LDAP to store users objects,
emails, etc.

I know that an LDAP modules exists for the LDAP authentication with media wiki.

Be what about a function that cam makes somecalls to the LDAP a rutrn some
informations like the username, emails, title, stuff like that.

I hope this is the right chanel to ask this kind of functions in MediaWiki.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Windows Server 2003
Platform: PC



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That's way outside the scope of MediaWiki. (Some third party might do it for
some reason though.)

Changing all WONTFIX high priority bugs to lowest priority (no mail should be generated since I turned it off for this.)