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Add "bookshelf" and "portal" namespaces to Hebrew Wikibooks
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Author: vavatar

We at the hebrew wikibooks site would like to add new name spaces. please
contact me.

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You have to tell us what they are.

vavatar wrote:

of course. it's just that they are in hebrew...
I'll write both english and hebrew, hoping you can read the hebrew spell.
we would like to add the following name-space:
book-shelf talk
portal talk
in hebrew it's:
שיחת מדף
שיחת שער

roteminbar wrote:

just to make things clear:
book-shelf = מדף
book-shelf talk = שיחת מדף
portal = שער
portal talk = שיחת שער

vavatar wrote:

you got that right.

vavatar wrote:

Please notice
for example of the new errors.

When clicking 'שיחה' which is talk, I reach a page with the correct title.
שיחת שער:תלמידי תיכון (Portal talk:Page Title).
the problem is, this page opens as a regular article! not as a talk page!. I can
talk about the talk, and cannot reutrn to the main page from the talk page!

in addition it's tab title is 'שיחה' which is talk, and not 'שיחת שער' which is
'portal talk'.

Another problem is with the portal namespace tab title.
instead of

The same problem exists with מדף and שיחת מדף which is book-shelf and book-shelf

vavatar wrote:

I have moved old pages that were in the main name space to the new name spaces.
their talk page can't be found now! help!

gangleri wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

just to make things clear:
book-shelf = מדף
book-shelf talk = שיחת מדף
portal = שער
portal talk = שיחת שער

Halló Erez,

Spaces are *not* allowed in namespace names. One should always specify
namespaces like this:

book-shelf = מדף
book-shelf talk = שיחת_מדף
portal = שער
portal talk = שיחת_שער

However [[b:he:template:Wikivar#ns_100]] shows the underscores but I realy do
not know if underscores are there or not.

I can confirm that I find only the following talk pages:

[[b:he:special:Allpages/שיחת_מדף:!]] - I can see 6 pages at there
[[b:he:special:Allpages/שיחת_שער:!]] - none

nor with

[[b:he:special:Prefixindex/שיחת_מדף]] - none
[[b:he:special:Prefixindex/שיחת_שער]] - I can see one page there.

From previous bug reports I would say that [[b:he:template:Wikivar#ns_101]] is
*not* properly implemented.

REOPENing this request / bug .

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]

gangleri wrote:

[[b:he:special:Prefixindex/שיחת_שער]] fixed by Tim Starling.

<TimStarling> IRC:
Checking namespace 101: "שיחת_שער"
... 1 conflicts detected:
... 4326 (0,"שיחת_שער:תלמידי_תיכון") -> (101,"תלמידי_תיכון") [[שיחת שער:תלמידי
... resolving on page... ok.
fixed now

Thanks a lot!

best regards reinhardt [[user:gangleri]]