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Images on commons: Article does not exist
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In the past was the case that when there was a image on commons, people could
find it as well by typing "image:Name.extention" in their own wiki, and got a
discriptionpage witht the image, saying the image was availeble via Wikimedia
Commons. When you type now for instance "Image:Community.gif" in en.wikipedia,
you get ,
while it does exist on commons, see . I think this is a bug
that entered during last updates. Some days ago the function was there i think.


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As far as I know we haven't had this; there's some special-case code for inline links
showing blue instead of red, but I don't recall anything about 'go' searches.

It'd be easy enough to add, though.

fred_chessplayer wrote:

In articles, links to Commons images appear in blue, but in the history, they
appear in red.

, there the link to the image is blue.

where the image link is in red.

However, unlike the history function, the Deletion Log normally shows image
links in blue -- unless the image is on Commons, when the link is shown in red.
for the deletion log where I deleted an image redundant to a Commons image. When
clicking on this link, I'd like to be taken directly to the image description
page, in this case , not (as
it is now) to the edit mode page

I hope this made sense...

fred_chessplayer wrote:

err, the image name in the example should be Image:Bascinet2.jpg consistantly
(not Basil_1511.jpg), but I think you get the point.

robchur wrote:

*** Bug 6087 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***