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Run maintenance script to update imagelinks table on
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In tracking of image usage on Wikidata was introduced. This seems to work quite well, but the imagelinks table is still lagging.

According to , image (P18) has 574,947 links. We also have some other image properties.

When I look at the imagelinks table:

MariaDB [wikidatawiki_p]> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM imagelinks WHERE il_from_namespace=0 LIMIT 1;




1 row in set (0.22 sec)

That's quite a few missing links. Can someone please run some sort of maintenance script to get this table up to date?

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First we should run that query against prod and make sure that it's really a problem that needs a maint script. (vs. a problem of labs being out of date/corrupt)

(see bug 72413 and its linked bugs)

it is a problem, since we introduced support for image links recently.

I am not sure which script or solution is best for this but think this is possible somehow.

i see it there now:

I think the edit triggers a "links update" job that updates the tables, so it might not update instantaneously.

I ran a bot to purge all the pages. That's done so no longer needed to run a server side script.

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