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round return non-integer results on small integers
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Evaluating {{#expr: 1 round 11}} on Wikimedia wikis gives "1.00000002048" (error: ~2e-8) instead of "1". I noticed a similar problem for other integers or floating-points numbers < 1000, for precision 11, 12 and 13. I tested this on, and

On a local installation of MediaWiki after syncing MediaWiki and the ParserFunction extension at git head (configuration: 32-bit, Ubuntu, PHP 5.5.9), I cannot reproduce this issue (I get "1" as expected).

(this bug has been reported on

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I have a suspicion that this is HHVM-related. Every HHVM server I've tried it on has had the bug, and every Zend server has worked correctly.

Seems like it's just round 11, 12 or 13 (some basic tests)

Mainframe98 added a subscriber: Mainframe98. does no longer show this issue, nor do my tests today: (Using HHVM - PHP7 beta feature temporarily disabled)