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Increase the post size limit from current 25k
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The current 25k limit is preventing various normal editing activities, such as embedding navigation-templates (for discussion/illustration) or header-area templates. We should increase the limit.

Context: ("Limit expanded content to 25kB per revision") was implemented in September, to prevent problems with people transcluding entire noticeboards/talkpages, causing mass pings (T52082). At the same time, we implemented ("Limit notifications to 20 per post") for Flow, and then a month later the same for general Echo ("Limit Echo mentions to 20 users").

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I'm not sure what size limit would be reasonable, given how complex some of our navigation/header templates can be, and because I'm not familiar with expansion sizes. Possibly 100k would work? Or is more needed? Or could/should the limit be removed entirely?