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Get all the pages in Hebrew for which there are corresponding articles in other languages
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Goal: Creating the list of pages with corresponding articles is a first step to find pages that were translated.

Points to think about:

  • We might want to create a list for every other language (EN, RU...).
  • make sure that we are not missing information that is recorded in text of the page itself.

Possible approaches to completing the task:

  1. Working with the API Sandbox:
    • An example for a query for one article: Michael Jordan
    • write a script that first gets all the Hebrew titles as ids and then calls the language-links query on all these titles.
    • It might be good to do a time slice and just look at edits within a particular date range.
  2. Working with Wikimedia dumps:
    • download "Wiki interlanguage link records" dump.
    • if we want to get the other language's ID then "Name/value pairs for pages" dump from that language should be downloaded.
    • build an SQL query that returns as the IDs.
  3. Working with Wikidata dumps:
    • download the dump wikidatawiki-latest-langlinks.sql.gz
    • build an SQL query that returns as the IDs.
NOTE: Decide what to do with inline interlanguage links and with contradictions between wikidata and local links

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  • By working with the Hebrew Wikipedia dumps, I can get a list of the Hebrew Page IDs (and if wanted - the titles) that have a corresponding page in English.
  • It seems that we should try to work with wikidata as the information there is solid.
  • Therefore, I tried to understand what Magnus is doing in "not-in-the-other-language" tool but right now, I can't find the script (his repository is a mess). I will try to contact him and ask for more information as I think understanding how this tool works might help us in the future.