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TOC does not have correct language
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I post this as one bug even if this may be multiple bugs, they seem to be related.

I installed wiki (linux and windows) with default language en.

I then edited LocalSettings.php
$wgLanguageCode = "De"; #You may use any language of your choice, e.g. Es

  1. First Bug (Minor):

In the user preferences you will find a language entry marked: De - De which has the odd effect,
that the texts display in english.

  1. Second Bug (Normal):

Now you choose in preferences language De - Deutsch or any other language other than En.
Displaying a page with a table of content you will see "content (hide)", even though MessagesXx.php
has got "toc" = "any text".

  1. Third Bug (Minor):

Only works with user preferences language De - Deusch:
In MessagesDe.php the entry "copyrightwarning2" is missing, thus the englisch copyright warning is
displayed when editing a page.

Version: 1.6.x
Severity: normal
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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  1. ??? 2) confirmed 3) not a bug

What comes to 1) did you run maintenance/rebuildMessage.php after changing

And no, these are not related. wrote:

  1. An entry like De - De or Es - Es you will get if you set<br>

$wgLanguageCode = "De";<br>
Notice the capital letter D. <br>
If you install in "en" and set this to "de", nothing happens, so I
used "De".

Running the script did not make any difference. Might be due to the
capital De setting wrote:

I will close this bug, it seems to due to the fact, that I used "De" instead of "de" in
the variable $wgLanguageCode.

  1. will only appear with "De"
  2. will only appear with "De"
  3. is not a bug

Changing to "de" and running maintenance/rebuildMessage.php works fine.