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Add a border keyword to the Image syntax
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Author: mlambia

Add a border keyword to the Image syntax giving a grey border around the image

This would be useful for presenting images such as the flag of Dubai that have
"significant" white or very light colors all the way to the edge. It would also
be useful in combination with thumb(nail) or frame.

Various attempts at achieving the intended effect using HTML markup, <div>,
<span>, tables, or Template:Border, turn out to have annoying context-dependent
side effects.

The HTML img element already has a border attribute, which could be used, with
suggested (default) width = 1px. Suggested (default) color for the border =
#bbbbbb (compare Template:Infobox_Country on the English wikipedia), which can
be set in vanilla HTML using the font element.

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: enhancement



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shanemarkle wrote:

Yeah. That needs to be implemented. ~~~~

robchur wrote:

Please do not post comments on bug reports which exist for the purposes of
advocacy. It clogs up our inboxes and wastes time and space here.

Fixed with r22358.

Usage: [[Image:Filename|border|100px|right]]