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die backtrace when logging in: read lock conflict
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I tried to login fr.wikipedia using
and got a backtrace :

Error in fetchObject(): Can't execute the query because you have a conflicting
read lock


  • GlobalFunctions.php line 661 calls wfBacktrace()
  • Database.php line 588 calls wfDebugDieBacktrace()
  • Database.php line 1812 calls Database::fetchObject()
  • LinkBatch.php line 90 calls ResultWrapper::fetchObject()
  • LinkBatch.php line 69 calls LinkBatch::executeInto()
  • Skin.php line 192 calls LinkBatch::execute()
  • Skin.php line 171 calls Skin::preloadExistence()
  • SkinTemplate.php line 108 calls Skin::initPage()
  • MonoBook.php line 28 calls SkinTemplate::initPage()
  • SkinTemplate.php line 151 calls SkinMonoBook::initPage()
  • OutputPage.php line 591 calls SkinTemplate::outputPage()
  • OutputPage.php line 811 calls OutputPage::output()
  • Database.php line 469 calls OutputPage::databaseError()
  • Database.php line 412 calls Database::reportQueryError()
  • Database.php line 1068 calls Database::query()
  • User.php line 1466 calls Database::update()
  • SpecialUserlogin.php line 354 calls User::saveSettings()
  • SpecialUserlogin.php line 91 calls LoginForm::processLogin()
  • SpecialUserlogin.php line 19 calls LoginForm::execute()
  • SpecialPage.php line 453 calls wfSpecialUserlogin()
  • SpecialPage.php line 314 calls SpecialPage::execute()
  • Wiki.php line 155 calls SpecialPage::executePath()
  • Wiki.php line 47 calls MediaWiki::initializeSpecialCases()
  • index.php line 134 calls MediaWiki::initialize()
  • index.php line 3 calls require()

I am not at home actually and can't access source. Seems to
happens with any account on fr.wikipedia.

show that I am not logged in.

Works fine using en wiki. Could it be a configuration
trouble on the frwiki database host ? :/

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical



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Managed to login, reading my talkpage on frwiki:

A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the
software. The last attempted database query was:

(SQL query hidden)

from within function "User::deleteNewtalk". MySQL returned error "1223: Can't
execute the query because you have a conflicting read lock (".


Someone forgot to list that server for receiving Mediawiki updates.