Use of {{DISPLAYTITLE|xyz}} renders blank title (<title></title>)
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Author: webboy

When using {{DISPLAYTITLE|xyz}}, <h1>Main Page</h1> becomes <h1>xyz</h1>, but
<title>Main Page - TestWiki</title> becomes <title></title>

Version: 1.7.x
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC

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DISPLAYTITLE is fatally broken and will likely be removed or

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ui2t5v002 wrote:

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DISPLAYTITLE is fatally broken and will likely be removed or

Rewritten, please. It's sorely needed.

There are now javascript hacks in Common.js to implement the same functionality,
but it would be better if it were done in Mediawiki itself.

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webboy wrote:

Patch to fix bug 6253

In this patch I:

  • Removed parsing of the given title, since the title is always escaped.
  • Hid the text "(Link to this page as $1)" when the given title equals the real


  • Altered OutputPage::addParserOutputNoText() to set both $mPagetitle (<h1>)

and $mHTMLtitle (<title>) (actual fix)

Both OutputPage::$mPageLinkTitle and $this->data['displaytitle'] (MonoBook.php)
are not used before and after this patch and should probably be removed.

Attached: bug6253.patch

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robchur wrote:

Fixed back in r23393.

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