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hyphenation (newline) problem with punctuation after <math> (true TeX) formula
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Author: loustyx

For example, result of :

<math>{hyphenation\over problem}</math>, with punctuation.

sometime is :

, with punctuation.

instead of :

with punctuation.


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Severity: minor



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loustyx wrote:

nb: maybe this is a firebox problem, for it works properly with IE.

conrad.irwin wrote:

It renders as expected in my firefox four years later, please re-open this bug with a screen shot if it's still a problem.

conrad.irwin wrote:

Sorry, I misunderstood you; thank you for the screenshot.

I'm marking this as WONTFIX: firstly tag extensions can't detect the surrounding content, and secondly HTML doesn't allow a forceful enough indication that the comma and image are not to be split.

As a 99% solution, the following wikitext seems to work, and you could put that in a template for re-use:

<span style="display:inline-block;"><math>\frac{hyphenation}{problem}</math>,</span>

This keeps the comma and image linked until the page is narrow enough for only the image, which is likely to be good enough.

The other way would be to put the comma in the math directly, but then it looks different, of course.