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Support for the most basic structure of Google Co-op
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Author: mathias.schindler

I ask to read Bug 2320 / Google sitemap support
( before reading this feature
request. There are remarkable similarities.

Google has released a project called "google Co-op" which currently consists of
two parts. I will focus on the second part in this feature request which is
called "subscribed links".

The main documentation of Subscribed Links can be found at

The very basic idea is to define a list of queries into a search engine and then
to give a predefined response.

Here is an example:

is the direct result of

<ResultSpec id="Bugzillademo">

  <Output name="title">Article Suda on Wikipedia</Output>
  <Output name="more_url"></Output>
  <Output name="text1">The Suda is a massive 10th century Byzantine Greek

historical encyclopaedia</Output>

<Output name="text2">of the ancient Mediterranean world. The derivation is

from the Latin suda</Output>

  <Output name="text3">meaning fortress or stronghold.</Output>



If you read the documentation of google Co-op and the Page on meta, you will
find a number of more interesting applications, especially when it comes to
metadata. De.wp has currently about 100.000 "persondata" entries.

The pattern query search allows it to have a search pattern like "When did
[name] die?" and actually to form a response in top of the results page, along
with a link to the relevant page.

However, this feature request aims to the very basic situation:

  • For every lemma a single static response, formed from the first 160 characters

of plain text of a given article. The resulting XML file should be made
automatically every timeframe, uploaded on, next to the
sitemaps file.

Size limitations won't be an issue and these results are first shown to people
'subscribing' to a channel ( Later, these
kind of results can be shown elsewhere, the same way, google already uses the

A more verbose descriptions of the applications of google Co-op with wikipedia
data is shown on

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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sumanah wrote:

Mathias, is this request still applicable?

mathias.schindler wrote:

Google has recently announced to fade out support for Subscribed Links.

However, there are still similar projects around the Custom Search Engine which could be helpful to both a) Wikimedia Sites and b) MediaWiki.

Status update RESOLVED for now?

admin wrote:

I think change to resolved - plus a healthy number of Google extensions to help non-WMF wikis. No reason to keep a request open requesting integration with a no longer existing project. Maybe a separate bug for any of the non-CoOp specific features that would be beneficial?

I'm going to resolve wontfix. No point making an extension for a feature no longer supported by google.