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Namespaces of dawiki
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Author: pred

As discussed on the village pump of the Danish Wikipedia (
Wikipedia:Landsbybrønden/Særskrivning_i_navnerumstitler), the current namespace titles are
grammatically wrong, and should instead be

Bruger diskussion -> Brugerdiskussion
Wikipedia diskussion -> Wikipedia-diskussion
Billede diskussion -> Billeddiskussion
MediaWiki diskussion -> MediaWiki-diskussion
Skabelon diskussion -> Skabelondiskussion
Hjælp diskussion -> Hjælpdiskussion
Kategori diskussion -> Kategoridiskussion
Portal diskussion -> Portaldiskussion.

This change is broadly accepted.

Version: unspecified
Severity: critical
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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morten wrote:

The issue is not fixed. Or it is fixed, but not on all PHP-slaves.

The problem is now, that if I for instance look at my own talkpage at:

It will show the correct content. But if I keep refreshing the page, some views
displays no page, along with the fact, that the highlightet tab is an "article"
tab - not a "talk"-tab next to a "user"-tab. This makes me think, that some but
not all PHP-servers have been updated with the new namespaces, and thus some
PHP-servers will try to look up "Brugerdiskussion:Barklund" in the main
namespace, and others will look up "Barklund" in the "Brugerdiskussion"-namespace.

This is a very critical bug, that must be addressed as soon as possible, as many
pages on dawiki temporarily fails completely - and the pages with the same
"namespace:pagename"-link can be created in duplicate in different namespaces,
which should not be able to happen.

Upon multiple refreshes, it is different servers, that fail to render the page
correctly. I do not know, if the server mentioned in the bottom of the source is
a cache-server or a PHP-server, but for instance srv115, srv28, srv99 and srv107
has returned the wrong page.

A couple machines weren't responding to ssh so didn't receive updates, but are still serving pages.
We're trying to get them rebooted.

The bad machines hvae been fixed.

ole wrote:

Two namespaces have reverted to wrong spelling. Please re-fix.

Current spelling -> Correct spelling:
Wikipedia diskussion -> Wikipedia-diskussion
MediaWiki diskussion -> MediaWiki-diskussion

Ole> please open a new bug, makes things easier for us to handle. This bug has been solved 5 years ago!