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Filename extensions of uploaded files
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I feel it would be logical and prudent for any person uploading to to give it a
uneque description.

Multiple files with identical filenames with identical extensions are
problematic (example: Example.png and Example.pNg). Mediawiki currently allows
the upload of files with identical filenames and extension with only diference
being case diference.

I see no use of having Example.png and its diferent variants (case diferences)
aside from inflicting confusion. I was also informed that there had been issues
of Wikia logos being the wrong case.

There is the matter of existing images requiring a rename... but that can be
dealt with later. Firtly we should prevent any newer images with wierd cases.

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marco wrote:

We got *tons* of images with .PNG or .JPG; eventually a script could clean up
'em all.

timichal wrote:

I support this idea. I'd prefer having all the image names in lowercase, but
even partial solution like preventing uppercase filename extensions would be good.

robchur wrote:

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