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Optional "return to top" link next to section editing links
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Author: hirsch.heisseich

Why doesn't exist something like a [top]-button? I really miss that. If a page
is 'long', you've the table of contents to jump to a point on the page, but
nothing to jump back... So you must scroll back to top.

It would be nice if you could implement a [top] link next to each section
editing button. Perfect would be, if you can choose via user preference if you
want that link or not. So it's optional to have the button.


Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement



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In most browsers, the "home" on your keyboard will do this.

marco wrote:

well, see laptop users... some lack this key

robchur wrote:

I know laptop keyboards are cut down, but not having a Home key is ridiculous.

jimmy.collins wrote:

patch that adds "return to top" links to section headers

Attached you find a patch that enables "return to top" links.

It`s not optional by user preferences but it could be enabled/disabled by


hirsch.heisseich wrote:

Is it possible that the "return to top" appears only if the page has for example
a table of contents (means that the lemma isn't a stub)?

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