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Logic error on special page
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Author: ian

When on Special:Undelete (as sysop) on en.wikipedia, AfD templates (which have
been subst:'ed) appear as if they are not.

The logic: {{#if:{{{nosubst|}}}|<div style="display:none;">}} is used, and it
seems that on Special:Undelete it is stateing something isn't subst:'ed when it is.

An example can be seen
here] (sysop flag needed), and clicking preview.

Version: unspecified
Severity: major
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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That sounds pretty straightforward. It's not being substed,
it's being displayed... ?

Or I'm not sure I understand.

ian wrote:

Yes - but the thing is that it is substed, the logic just seems to be returning
the wrong result.

ian wrote:

To clarify: The AfD template has a check to see if it is substed, and if it
isn't it blanks the page and gives a notice (through {{#if:{{{nosubst|}}}|<div

In what I am refering to, it has been substed, and therefore displayed fine when
it wasn't deleted. However - when you look at it through Special:Undelete now it
has been deleted - the logic seems to give the result of it not being substed -
whereas it really is/was.

I don't understand how this logic is actually meant to detect
substing. How is it meant to work?

ian wrote:

THe full code at the top of the AfD notice is:

{{#if:{{{nosubst|}}}|<div style="display:none;">}} {{#ifeq:{{NAMESPACE}}||

{{error:not substitutedAFD}}<div


This is on a page where the notice was substed, and therefore the page and AfD
notice displayed as it was meant to. For some odd reason, the logic seems broken
in Special:Undelete, and it acts asif the template wasn't substed (even though
it was), and returns "<template error: this template must be substituted. Please
replace {{AFD}} with {{subst:AFD}}.>".

This code is completely illegible, and I don't see how it's
intended to work. In what way is this supposed to detect
substing? It looks at best very fragile and unreliable.

omniplex wrote:

Probably a kludge to activate includeonly-subs magic
for CURRENT-variables. Combining it with [[WP:HIDE]]
is utter dubious. A clean substitution won't leave
relics of parser functions on the page, the template
appears to be broken.

See [[Help:Subsititution]] on Meta, getting it right
in combination with defaults and parser functions is
NOT trivial.

paolo wrote:

A valid (so far) trick for checking subst is used in [[Template:Prod]]. Of
course, changing [[Template:AfD]] won't fix the pages that are already deleted
with the AfD template substituted.