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allow * for file uploads
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Author: dev

Please allow adding '*' to the allowed upload
files, $wgFileExtensions.

The quality of the mediawiki software urged me to
switch my homepage to
mediawiki. Big compliment.
On my homepage, I do not have any users but me, but
I need to upload my sourcecode files with whatever

My patch allows for adding * to file uploads, it is
productive on

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: Other



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dev wrote:

react on $wgFileExtensions='*'

attachment patch2.diff ignored as obsolete

dev wrote:

react on $wgFileExtensions='*' with yesterday's version 1.7.1


If you need this disable the extension check using the existing

dev wrote:

disabling extension check is ignored, see bug 6602

robchur wrote:

Set $wgStrictFileExtensions to false, otherwise MediaWiki will enforce file
extension checking; that warning can't be skipped at runtime, for obvious
security reasons.