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2015 MediaWiki Developer Summit session proposal: Long-term plan for content representation, editing, caching and skins
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This is more of a placeholder to make sure that these topics are considered somewhere during the summit. Some of this will likely be covered by the 'future of editing' plenary.

Format: Plenary

  • Move to HTML primary storage / wikitext editing? - will try to work this into other session
  • Micro-contributions using Parsoid HTML: API needs, how it could look - kind of covered on first day at high level; detailed discussion of how does not require large group (also see T87556).
  • API-powered front-ends: mobile already very far - will bring it up in SOA session
  • Fast logged-in views for mobile web and desktop: ESI vs. client-side customizations & no-JS fall-back - possibly also SOA session

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Resolving this as some was already covered. Will try to fold other bits into one of the SOA sessions.