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Make image links to image page, not to upload on upload disabled [Patch]
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If a image exist, it's a link to the image page. If a image doesn't exist, the
image link points to the upload page: "be bold and upload it!" Ok. But if you
don't allow uploading, it is unsense. So if a wiki have uploading disabled,
non-existant image links should point to the image page ('we have no such
image') instead of the upload page ('you can't upload, it's disabled') as the
user didn't ask for uploading an image, only followed an image link (which only
wikiholics understand as a link-to-upload).

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Severity: enhancement



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ayg wrote:

*** Bug 6740 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

Linker patch

The patch (at r15726). Sorry for the duplicates. Bugzilla wasn't accepting the
post, and was giving 500s. It seems several passed :P


gatoatigrado wrote:

I don't know if you patched it incorrectly or what, but when I create a
[[:image:something]] in 1.6.8, it takes me to a "create a new page" instead of
the upload page. I have uploads enabled.

gatoatigrado wrote:

I get something like


that is. if it were without the action=edit, it would work fine.